Black Out

Image source:  WorldArtsMe


Allison just moved to a big city for a new job. She is still adjusting to its hustle and bustle. She isn’t specifically used to the daily traffic jam. Running on only four hours of sleep and skipping breakfast she went to work and blacked out.


Nurse:              Hi Allison! You suddenly blacked out at work today and was brought to the clinic.

Allison:            Yeah. The last thing I can remember was talking to my co-worker and I suddenly lost consciousness.

Nurse:              Did you skip breakfast this morning?

Allison:            Yup. I was in a rush because I want to avoid getting stuck in a traffic jam.

Nurse:              You just had hypoglycemia or low blood sugar earlier that caused you to pass out.

Allison:             It was my first time to suddenly black out.

Nurse:              I suggest that you carry hard candies with you all the time just in case you’ll have another hypoglycemic episode.

Allison:             I’ll take note of that! Thanks!

Nurse:              You’re welcome.


Black out To lose consciousness, faint, collapse or pass out

She got so nervous that she blacked out.

Hustle and bustle Used to describe a noisy surrounding, usually common in a city

She likes to hear the hustle and bustle of the city- the honking of cars and the busy pedestrian.

Traffic jam The standstill of vehicles due to heavy congestion, road construction or accident

It is quite hard to avoid traffic jam in a big city.

Running on (something) The use of something to function or work

Doctors and nurses can run on just a few hours of sleep.

Hypoglycemia Low blood sugar level

She hasn’t eaten anything since this morning that she is already having hypoglycemia.




1.Why was Allison brought to the clinic?

a. She was lost.       c.She was hungry.

b. She blacked out. d. She fell asleep.

2.To black out means the following, EXCEPT:

a. Collapse                 c. Faint

b. Pass out                 d. Collide

3. In which of the following places would the phrase “hustle and bustle” most likely be experienced?

a. Countryside         c. Suburb

b. Province               d. Metropolis

4. Why do you think Allison blacked out?

a. Low blood sugar   c. Hyperglycemia

b. Hypoxia                  d. Hypovolemia

5. What did the nurse suggest Allison to always bring with her?

6. List all the possible causes of a traffic jam.

7. What do you usually do to avoid getting stuck in a traffic jam?




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