Die a Natural Death

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Marie works in a home care facility as a nurse. She helps take care of geriatric people by assisting them in their ADLs or activities of daily living.  Nurse Marie displays an exemplary performance. She takes care of her patients like her own family and she is commended for it.  One of the patients under her care today is Mrs. Campbell, an eighty-one-year-old retired college literature professor.


Nurse Marie:                 Good morning, Mrs. Campbell! How’s your day going?

Mrs. Campbell:              Not much, Marie. I’m just reading a Jane Austen novel to pass the time.

Nurse Marie:                 Oh, what’s the title of that novel?

Mrs. Campbell:              It’s the one called, Emma.

Nurse Marie:                 It sounds interesting. I have only read Pride and Prejudice though.

Mrs. Campbell:              It is! I can lend you this book.

Nurse Marie:                 That is so sweet and nice of you, Mrs. Campbell.

Mrs. Campbell:              Oh, no biggie! You can actually keep the book. I’m old enough and might die a natural death soon.

Nurse Marie:                 Nah. Let’s rather not talk about that and celebrate life!

Mrs. Campbell:              I’m just kidding. (Laughs)



  • Die a natural death
  • Home care (facility)
  • Geriatric
  • Activities of daily living
  • Exemplary
  • Commend
  • Pass the time
  • Lend
  • No biggie


Die a natural death Death caused by the natural aging process or  due to old age, not by an accident or illness

Her grandpa was ninety years old when he died a natural death.

Home care facility A home care facility is a boarding or residential facility usually for older adults who are recovering from an illness or those who need assistance in doing activities of daily living.

The residents of the home care facility are preparing for their upcoming Thanksgiving party.

Geriatric Refers to older people, especially those who need special care

The residents of the home care facility are usually geriatric people.

Activities of Daily Living Refers to the everyday activities that people normally do without any help. These include bathing, eating, walking, defecating/pooping, etc

Grandma Campbell needs some assistance in doing activities of daily living.

Exemplary Showing an excellent quality or performance

Elena did an exemplary performance in school.

Commend To praise, give good feedback or opinion

Macy was commended for her unique artwork.

Pass the time To keep oneself busy doing something to make the time pass

She was reading a book to pass the time.

Lend To let someone use or borrow something

Josh lends Chris money.

No biggie Informal way of saying “no big deal”

Driving for hours was no big deal for him just to see her.









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