Green around the Gills

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Steven looked green around the gills when he came home from school. His mom also noticed the he didn’t have appetite for breakfast that day.


Mom:                Hey honey! How are you feeling right now? You look kind of green around the gills.

Steven:             I feel like I’m going to be sick, mom. My jaw hurts and I find it painful to chew or swallow.

Mom:                Come here. Let me check your temperature.

Steven:             Mom, can I just go upstairs and climb into bed after you check my temperature?

Mom:                Sure sweetie. I’ll cook something for you in the kitchen while you nap. What do you want?

Steven:             I’m not really hungry, mom.

Mom:                Okay. I’ll just make an egg drop soup to warm your tummy. I need you to eat so you will be in the best of health again.


  • Green around the gills
  • Upstairs
  • Climb into bed
  • Best of health
Green around the gills To look sick

The flu made her look green around the gills.

Upstairs The upper or higher floor of a house or a building

His bedroom is located upstairs.

Climb into bed To get or hop into bed

She climbed into bed late after having a movie marathon.

In the best of health In a healthy condition

She was still in the best of health last year, but she suddenly fell ill this year.




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