Clean Bill of Health



Maisie had to skip school because she was sick with the flu. The doctor advised her to stay home until she is given a clean bill of health.


Maisie:              Mom, I wonder when I can go back to school. I already missed so many quizzes.

Mom:                Nah. I don’t think it will be any time soon. You’ve only been away for two days.

Maisie:              So, when do you think I can resume school?

Mom:                Sweetheart, you are sick with the flu and it is considered highly contagious.

Maisie:              Ugh! I’m already getting bummed out here, mom.

Mom:                It’s alright. It’s not going to be much longer. We will visit your doctor this Friday for a follow up check.

Maisie:              And if I’m given a clean bill of health, can I already go to school next Monday?

Mom:                Pretty much.


  • Clean bill of health
  • Contagious
  • Bummed out
  • Pretty much
Clean bill of health Statement/news that the patient is in good health, usually said by a physician after examining the patient

Maria was given a clean bill of health after all her work-up results came out negative.

Contagious Power/capability of a certain disease to spread from one person to another

Influenza or flu is considered to be a contagious disease.

Bummed out Feeling sad or depressed

Timmy was bummed out during his first few months of living abroad.

Pretty much Almost, kind of, sort of, nearly

She was pretty much late for work because of the heavy traffic.

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