As Fit as a Fiddle



Grandpa George is already 85-years-old but he is still as fit as a fiddle. He went to visit their family physician, Dr. Myers, for his monthly check-up.


Dr. Myers:                     Hello Mr. George! How are you doing today?

Grandpa George:          Very well, thanks!

Dr. Myers:                     That’s great to know then! I’ve got good news for you. All your work-up results are within the normal range.

Grandpa George:          Oh, that is really wonderful! I mean, I’m still as fit as a fiddle                                                             considering my age.

Dr. Myers:                     Indeed! Your age is actually past the average lifespan of people in the                                           US.

Grandpa George:           I agree. Most of my friends already breathe their last.

Dr. Myers:                     Congratulations on being in good health! Thanks for religiously                                                        visiting my clinic for your regular check-up. See you next month!

Grandpa George:           You’re welcome and thanks as well for helping restore my health.


  • As fit as a fiddle
  • Check-up
  • Work-up
  • Breathe (one’s) last
  • Religiously
As fit as a fiddle Physically fit, in good health

He may be old but he is still as fit as a fiddle.

Check-up The process during which a patient visits  a doctor for examination or consultation

Grandpa George never misses his monthly check-up.

Work-up A complete medical examination that typically includes the following: medical history-taking, physical assessment, laboratory tests, x-ray and other imaging tests.

His work up reveals normal results

Breathe (one’s) last To die

He managed to see his wife before she breathe her last.

Religiously Obeying or following rules, doing something regularly

He religiously goes to school.









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