Nurse Back to Health



Mr. Sanchez, a 55-year-old man of Hispanic descent, was admitted to the hospital due to angina pectoris. He also complained of dizziness, fatigue, and radiating pain from the jaw down to the neck and the arms. He was profusely sweating when he was brought to the hospital. After being confined at the hospital for 3 days, he is ready to be discharged by his physician.


Physician:         Good morning, Mr. Sanchez! How are you feeling today?

Mr. Sanchez:     Oh, I felt so much better than when I was brought to the hospital!

Physician:         That’s really good to know. So, are you ready to go home?

Mr. Sanchez:     Yes, doc. You and your healthcare team really took care of me, and helped nurse me back to health.

Physician:         That’s really good to know! And I have good news for you. You can wear your street clothes now, pack up, and you may go home once I’m done with my discharge orders for you. The nurse on duty will discuss it with you in a bit.

(Nurse comes in a few minutes later)

Nurse:              Hello Mr. Sanchez! I am Nurse Beatrice and I’m here to discuss your discharge plan. First up, we will talk about your prescribed diet, which should include lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains, and saturated fats must be avoided.

Mr. Sanchez:     Uh oh. That means no more burritos for me.

Nurse:              Certainly. And, you also have maintenance medications which include aspirin, statins, beta blockers, and clot-preventing drugs. The dosage for each medication is on this sheet. (Hands a piece of paper) Do you have any questions, Mr. Sanchez?

Mr. Sanchez:     I believe there’s none. Thanks for taking care of me during my stay in this hospital.

Nurse:              You’re welcome! We are happy to serve you. Bye.

Mr. Sanchez:     Bye.


Nurse back to health To take care of an ill person
Angina pectoris (an-juh-nuh pek-to-ris) Medical term for chest pain
Hispanic descent A person whose ancestors come from a Spanish-speaking country
Dizziness A spinning or whirling sensation
Fatigue Being physically or mentally tired
Radiating pain Pain that spreads to different body parts
Profusely sweating To produce plentiful amount of sweat
Veggies Short term for vegetables
Whole grains A collective term for grains whose bran has not been removed
Saturated fats Unhealthy fat
Statins Medicines that help lower blood cholesterol levels
Beta blockers Medicines that help reduce blood pressure


  • When you nurse someone back to health you help take care of a sick person until he or she returns to the normal healthy state.

Example: My grandma had a stroke and I helped nurse her back to health.

  • Angina pectoris, sometimes just called angina, is the common symptom of coronary artery disease. Angina in layman’s term is chest pain that is usually described as heavy, squeezing chest pain.

Example: He experienced angina after a morning jog.

  • Hispanic and Latino are often interchangeably used. However, they mean entirely different. One is considered to have Hispanic descent if your ancestors or family comes from a Spanish-speaking country. For instance, if you come from Brazil, you are not Hispanic because Brazilians speak Portuguese. Latino, on the other hand, refers to people coming from Mexico.

Example: Jose’s family comes from Mexico. So, he is both Hispanic and Latino.

  • Dizziness is that spinning or whirling sensation even when you are not moving.

Example: High fever caused her dizziness so she had to stay in bed the whole time.

  • Fatigue is the feeling of physical or mental tiredness after a demanding activity.

Example: He experienced fatigue after working 7 days straight.

  • When pain radiates, this means it spreads to other areas of the body.

Example: Angina is often associated with radiating pain.

  • Anything profuse is excessive or plentiful in amount.

Example: There was profuse bleeding from his gunshot wound.

  • Whole grains include wheat, rice, and oats whose bran has not been removed or processed.

Example: White rice does not belong to whole grains because its bran has been processed.

  • Saturated fat is the type of fat usually contained in animal products. Saturated fats are found to raise cholesterol levels. Food that are known to have high saturated fat content include cheese, pizza, hamburger, and burrito.

Example: Saturated fats are linked to diabetes and hypertension, and must be avoided.





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