Come Down with a Flu



Carice was under so much stress and she feels like she is coming down with a flu. She is experiencing malaise, joint pains, runny nose, and intermittent fever. Before she takes a turn for the worse, she decided to schedule an appointment with her physician over the phone.


Secretary: (Phone rings) Hello! You have reached Dr. Anderson’s clinic and it’s her secretary speaking. How may I help you?

Carice: Good morning! This is Ms. Carice Williams and I’d like to set an appointment with Dr. Anderson tomorrow, September the 5th, 2016, at around 9 in the morning.

Secretary: That has been noted, Ms. Carice, but let me check Dr. Anderson’s schedule tomorrow first. Hmmm. It looks like she will not be around tomorrow, but a locum tenens will fill in for her. Would you still want to push through with your appointment?

Carice: Yes. I’m pushing through with it because I’m afraid if I cancel I would take a turn for the worse. I feel like I’m coming down with a flu judging by the symptoms I have. I’m experiencing runny nose, intermittent fever, and malaise.

Secretary: Alright, Ms. Carice. I’m finalizing your appointment. We’ll see you tomorrow then!

Carice: Thanks for the help!

Secretary: You’re very much, welcome!


Come down with (a flu) To get sick with a flu, cold, or any illness
Malaise (pronunciation: mah-layz) An overall bodily discomfort
Runny nose Sensation felt when there is excess fluid draining from the nose
Intermittent fever An on and off type of fever
Take a turn for the worse If something, like an illness or a situation, becomes severe
Locum tenens A person who is a temporary substitute, specifically a physician



  • If you come down with something, it means you get sick with a certain illness like a flu or cold.

Example: My coworker is sick with the flu. I feel like I’m coming down with it, too.

  • Malaise is general body weakness or uncomfortable feeling.

Example: Lack of sleep caused me malaise the following day.

  • If you have allergies or sick with a cold or flu, your body will produce extra mucus and if excess fluid drains from your nasal cavity, you are said to have runny nose.

Example: It’s hard to focus at work with this runny nose.

  • When you have intermittent fever, there are periods that you run a fever and then it subsides.

Example: I already want to return to work, but I still have an intermittent fever.

  • A situation or an illness takes turn for the worse when it becomes severe.

Example: The fever has already subsided then she suddenly took turn for the worse when she started having seizures.

  • A locum tenens is a professional, specifically a physician, who temporarily substitutes another person of the same profession.

Example: Dr. Anderson is on a vacation so a locum tenens stands in for her.



  1. What are the symptoms experienced by Carice?
  2. When is Carice’s appointment with Dr. Anderson?
  3. Who is going to fill in for Dr. Anderson in her absence?
  4. What does a locum tenens do?

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