Full of Beans

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Catelyn Stark, a toddler, was rushed to the hospital by her mom because she has difficulty breathing. Her mother also noticed that she was wheezing, poorly feeding and lethargic. Mrs. Stark wants her daughter to be full of beans again.


Nurse Arya: Good day! My name is Arya and I am your nurse on duty this shift. How is the patient doing now?

Mrs. Stark: She still feels sick, although I have seen some improvements in her symptoms.

Nurse Arya: Could you please tell me more about your observations?

Mrs. Stark: She is no longer wheezing and lethargic, but still poorly feeding.

Nurse Arya: Yes. I noticed the wheezing has already cleared up.

Mrs. Stark:  I am extremely worried about her lack of appetite though. I don’t want her to turn into a bag of bones.

Nurse Arya: This has been noted and we will notify your attending physician about your concern.

Mrs. Stark: Thank you! I can’t wait to see my daughter to be full of beans again.


Full of beans To have lots of energy and enthusiasm
Bag of bones Very thin
Lethargic Lacking energy
Wheezing Breathing with a whistling sound


  • If a person has a lot of energy and enthusiasm, he is said to be full of beans.

Example: It’s surprising how he manages to be full of beans after a busy day.

  • As someone becomes extremely thin, the bones will protrude from the skin and the skin is figuratively referred to as a bag. Hence, the term bag of bones.

Example: She hasn’t been eating well for months. She is turning into a bag of bones.

  • When you move slowly, feel drowsy or sleepy, and doesn’t have the energy, you are lethargic.

Example: We normally feel lethargic before breakfast.

  • Wheezing is the whistling sound that comes out as a result of breathing difficulty.

Example: A wheezing sound is usually heard among people with asthma.



  1. Why was Catelyn rushed to the hospital?
  2. What are the usual reasons for you to feel lethargic?
  3. What was Catelyn’s mom worried about?
  4. How do you manage to stay full of beans?
  5. Give synonyms for the expression bag of beans. Think as many as you can.




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